1. Browse through the shop and click on your preferred item ,then click “Add to Shopping Bag” to purchase the selected item

2. You can add more items to your cart by browsing or complete the purchase by clicking “My Bag”

3. Choose your payment method :

     a. Bank Transfer (We will send you the account number by e-mail and the payment should be done within 48 hours

     b. Credit Card (Visa or Mastercard)

     c. Paypal

4. Confirm your purchase by clicking the “Next” button or after the payment has been done, simply sign in with your existing account and click

“Confirm Payment” then select the order you have paid. Fill in all required details then click “Finish” .

(If we’ve passed 48 hours with no confirmation, your order will be cancelled.

5. You will be sent the confirmation e-mail

6. If you choose Bank Transfer as your payment method, please confirm payment through the member area (login required)

7. If you choose Paypal as your payment method, you’ll directly move to Paypal page to finish the payment